A major youth-focused weekend outreach comes to Winnipeg, Manitoba, September 8 to 10 as area young people are becoming increasingly bold about sharing their faith. Three worship bands launch the weekend with a Friday night youth rally that includes testimonies from young people recently delivered from addictions and destructive habits.
Over Saturday and Sunday, the praise and worship moves outside the walls of the church and into some of the area public parks. The outreach is spearheaded by two FCA churches from southern Manitoba (Maranatha Niverville and First Nations Family Worship Centre) teaming up with a number of other area churches.
“A catalyst in this move,” says Roger Armbruster, pastor of Maranatha Niverville, “is the unity among the churches.” Armbruster is encouraged by this, noting that more than 50 years ago (and again more than 30 years ago) some of the event’s participating churches had separated over doctrinal disputes. Now, he says, “they speak with one voice in winning the lost for Christ.”

A few of the worship bands appearing “Worship on the Water” weekend.

Today, as these churches welcome the work of the Holy Spirit, the movement of the Spirit is bringing churches together to reach the lost, not causing a split. The unity of these believers has prompted others disconnected from God’s family to come back into healing relationships with God and his children.

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