The FCA: At Work in Nigeria

Fellowship Expands Its Presence

Bishop Success Samuel, leader of the FCA (Nigeria)—a Global Partner of the U.S. FCA—reports on great progress with a major building project in the southeastern part of his country.

Primarily designed as a training center for pastors and leaders, the building in Uyo, Akwa Ibom will greatly benefit Nigerian ministers—especially those serving in northern areas where they face Muslim opposition to the gospel. The building will also satisfy government requirements (a physical building and address) for registering the Fellowship.

Nigeria Project

FCA building in Nigeria

The U.S. FCA board designated all honorariums this year for John Sprecher, lead FCA elder, to support this project. Nigeria struggles with an ongoing fiscal crisis with 31% inflation in just the last two months. The country’s financial stress has greatly hampered the ability of the Nigerian churches to complete the project on their own. Nevertheless, even during these times of adversity, they matched nearly 50% of the $7,300 the FCA sent back with Nigerian ministers who attended the April FCA convention. They were able to attend the convention with financial assistance from the FCA.

The FCA building contains five classrooms (each holding 40 to 50 students) for various levels of instruction—including one designed for computer training. A library hall, two administrative offices, and a suitable number of restrooms round out the facility. Contributions for the project, which continues on a pay-as-you-go basis, may be designated (Nigeria Project) and sent to:

Fellowship of Christian Assemblies
4909 East Buckeye Road
Madison, WI 53716

FCA Nigeria Project

Workers labor by hand to excavate the building site.

Success in Project