Information about registering with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies may be obtained by emailing Once you receive the information, you may complete an online registration form for membership for either a church or a minister.

The Fellowship of Christian Assemblies is a unique fellowship of ministers and churches, relying on relational more than institutional connections. Through our relationships we establish and maintain personal endorsements, ministerial credentials, as well as professional and ethical accountability. Official recognition of someone’s ministry (an ordination, for example) comes through the local church but is affirmed through the FCA’s network of local churches and ministers.

While similar to other Pentecostal fellowships in beliefs, we differ in a few significant ways. For instance:

  • We focus more on independent, local church autonomy and less on denominational identity. However, we value voluntary collaboration between churches for many activities and ministries—sending missionaries, planting churches, maintaining summer camps, establishing Bible schools, publishing materials, assembling an annual directory of ministers, and so on.
  • We are not a cookie cutter group and demonstrate a wide variety of individuality expressed in unique styles, personalities, and even theology. We appreciate our Pentecostal heritage but remain flexible on issues such as tongues as the only initial evidence, end-time theology, and more. (You’ve probably checked some of our distinctives and beliefs on the website.)
  • Ministerial ordination or licensing is handled on the local church level. In other words, leaders of each church will interview prospective candidates to check their qualifications for ministry. Regional churches and pastors are typically invited to share in the celebration when individuals are ordained in their local church and recognized for God’s calling and gifting in their lives. Because local churches are key to vetting and endorsing ministers, the FCA is not a source for obtaining ministry credentials. We do, however, assist local churches in fulfilling their part in the process. We also assist in equipping and training pastors, missionaries, and ministers, so they can develop their spiritual gifts and ministry skills as well as find and nurture strong, supportive connections with others who share similar passions and ideas in following God’s call.
  • Personal character, integrity, and ministerial accountability are important to us, perhaps more than if we relied on denominational oversight. Accountability is exercised both in peer-to-peer relationships and through regional “Fellowship Elders” (pastors recognized for their influence beyond the local church). In addition, a Lead Elder serves as a pastor to the pastors.
  • Besides providing support, encouragement, and resources for individuals, the FCA assists churches. Congregations can share together in mutual Christian care and practical cooperation toward carrying out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. The FCA is committed to both local church autonomy and interchurch cooperation as biblical norms for ministry.

Establishing relationships and connections are essential to becoming a member of the FCA. Here are a few suggestions on how that can happen:

  • Meet with a pastor or Fellowship Elder in your geographical area. As you get to know each other, they will be able to endorse your ministry.
  • Attend a regional gathering of pastors, which typically happens monthly or bi-monthly. Contact and we will attempt to have someone in your area get that information to you.
  • Attend a national or international convention of the FCA. Go to to find out about the next one.
  • LIKE the FCA on Facebook to get updates and news feeds. You may also fill out the form HERE, to receive the FCA e-newsletter, sent out about once a month.