Pastor Merle Barboza Suacillo of Toronto, Ontario was married in the Philippines on October 9th, 2009. Elmer, her husband – a pastor in southern Philippines had his immigration papers nearly completed so that he could join his wife in Canada. We had expected him to have relocated to Canada by Christmas. Several months ago, he was involved in an auto accident when a vehicle driver hit him while he was travelling on his motorbike. He was thrown from the motorbike and landed in a tree. Since that time, he has remained in hospital in an unconscious state.

We understand that the person who hit him was driving without a license nor having insurance on his vehicle. This has created a dilemma as the one hospital bill currently exceeds $37,000.00 Cdn. Your prayers for Pastora Merle would be sincerely appreciated at this time. She visited her husband a few weeks back and was hopeful that he would recover and move to Canada. On Sunday, December 22nd, Pastor Elmer passed into the Lord’s presence and his widow is preparing to fly to the Philippines for the funeral this Sunday, (December 30th) in Cagayan de Oro.

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