Church Planting Together

Recently a number of US FCA churches joined forces to collect funds for planting new churches. We recently learned that more than $20,000 was raised on the weekend of Pentecost alone.

“We can spread the Good News in multiple ways,” says John Sprecher, CPS_Facebook_Cover_Datelead elder for the US FCA. “One of the most impactful methods, however, is to start new churches.” The FCA anticipates reaching more people for Christ by establishing new works in the days ahead.

Two Rivers: One Story

When Tom Alexander felt God calling him to begin a new church in the Phoenix area, he was well-prepared. During college years, Tom had begun attending Madison Gospel Tabernacle. There he grew spiritually under the ministry of Pastor Warren Heckman.

With Heckman’s encouragement, Tom started an FCA church in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. Later, he and his wife, Theresa, spent a number of years in Argentina, working with missionary Milton Pope in training ministers from several fellowships.

Tom’s experiences in Argentina provided the back-drop when the Spirit nudged him to launch a new work in Phoenix. Around the same time, FCA leaders from around the country met in Phoenix and prayed for God’s leading and blessing.

Soon other believers from Madison Gospel Tabernacle (now called City Church) committed to work with Tom, and the foundation was laid. The first public services were held on September 19, 2004.

“It was a stretch,” says Tom. “But the challenge only increased our resolve.” Recently the church was able to purchase a beautiful building, which seats 425. Today, Two Rivers Church is thriving and reaching over 400 people weekly.

A Forward Vision

The FCA has a vision to see more churches like Two Rivers get started. That’s why a process has been set up to help those who are called and gifted to start a new church. Financial assistance is available through an oversight committee, with applications being considered on key criteria, such as:

  • At least two years prior ministry experience in a local church.
  • Backing and support of a home or sending church and its pastor.
  • Personal evaluation by a recommended church-planting assessment center.
  • Approved two-year strategy to launch and establish a self-sustaining congregation.

For more about this FCA initiative, please contact the committee by writing to:

Pastor Anthony Simmons
Hope Christian Community
634 SW 143rd Street
Burien, WA, 98166

or emailing him at

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