Shepherd/teacher • Tim Tyree Healthy, fit, energetic 65-year-old, married to Pauline 38 years; with three adult children (no grandchildren). Both came to the Lord in the late 1970s and are evangelical, Spirit-filled servants. They have never lapsed in their faith, church attendance, or ministry, but have faithfully served Jesus and His bride 40+ years. Tim is a shepherd-teacher by calling and by gifting. He reads/writes Spanish as a second language. He was a church planter/senior pastor for 10 years. Since returning from the mission field abroad (2016), he has not yet found gainful employment in the ministry but has a shepherd’s heart and desires to serve as Senior Pastor more than anything else. They are praying for the Master’s will and direction as to where they fit well and can be most effective. They are willing to relocate for the right opportunity according to God’s leading but prefer an urban/city context with ethnic diversity. Are you looking for a motivated encourager who is creative, efficient, and detailed? Do you need an outgoing manager who can also connect with the local community? His church vision is for a “missional” style of church that includes outreach and evangelism, discipleship, and Christian education, home groups, and potential church planting. Full résumé available with references and videos. Email:

Staff Pastor • Trevor Casserly is a committed and energetic servant leader who enjoys helping people of all ages see their full potential. He is a driven and compassionate individual with a passion for learning and succeeding at any obstacle presented.
Trevor studied biblical studies at Moody Bible Institute (2010 to 2013). More recently he has worked in sales and communications for “Lutherans Outdoors,” promoting and leading retreat ministries at Joy Ranch (Watertown, SD). Read Trevor’s more complete résumé HERE.


Staff minister • Avril Vandermerwe is seeking God’s direction for new ministry opportunities.
Avril was raised in a pastor’s home in South Africa but is now a permanent resident of the United States. She has a strong background in education (25 years as a Christian in public schools) as well as in ministry.
She also is a published writer of Christian inspirational books, which may be viewed on Amazon: Bible Stories for Big People and From Trash to Treasure: God’s Redemptive Power for Restoration and Transformation.
Ordained in the FCA (March, 2013), Avril is open to serve in various roles. Her experience in ministry has prepared her for a number of positions (e.g. lead, interim, teaching, or discipleship pastor). She began the ministry in which she currently serves—Create Ministry (formerly Repairer of Broken Walls)—traveling in an itinerant capacity as guest speaker. She also teaches part-time at Seattle Bible College.
To learn more about Avril’s spiritual gifts, ministry experience, and education, read her references and résumé HERE.

Michael Clark

Discipleship • Michael Clark loves to connect with people and with God to build relationships, plant seeds, and raise up leaders that will follow the Lord and to multiply leaders to do the same. You can check out his résumé HERE and his journey into ministry HERE.




Stephen McAllister

Dr. Stephen McAllister

Pastoral staff/counseling • Dr. Stephen McAllister is a high-energy, motivated, caring minister with over thirty years combined experience in pastoral ministry, chaplaincy, counselling, and consulting.  You can check out his Resume HERE for more information and for ways to contact him.



Rob & Susi Gibson

Rob & Susi Gibson

Pastoral ministry • Rob Gibson believes that the church should be dedicated to the celebration of Jesus Christ and is committed to the discipleship and equipping of the church to make it so. He and his wife Susi are praying about where God will call them next and are looking forward to this next season of ministry. Check out Rob’s Resume for more information on how to contact Rob about pastoring in your church.

Ian & Glenda Oliver

Traveling minister • Ian Oliver is available for ministry across Canada, and would like to be a blessing to your Church or Fellowship. Check out his Bio.
   Cost: Ian operates on free will offerings and travels by faith.
   Topics: General preaching or teaching on many subjects, but especially the Person and works of the Holy Spirit, Spiritual warfare, etc.
   Find out more at: