Bishop Success Samuel, pastor and leader of the Nigerian Fellowship of Christian Assemblies, has reported on Muslim attacks that followed the April election of Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian, as president of Nigeria.

“We were not affected too much,” he said with remarkable understatement. “We lost only one pastor.” He went on to explain that most Nigerian FCA churches are in the southern, more Christian, part of the country.

But Pastor Isaiah was apparently caught by a mob while trying to return to his town of Kaduna, a state capital in north-central Nigeria. He is survived by his wife, Maria, and two children. His church building, Freedom Ministries, sustained no damage.

Bishop Samuel, who came to the U.S. to attend the recent FCA convention in Chicago, returns to Nigeria May 23 to participate in memorial services for Pastor Isaiah.

Human Rights Watch reported more than 800 people, both Christian and Muslim, killed in several weeks of violence. In addition, about 65,000 were displaced from their homes nationwide, according to Alhaji Muhammed Sani Sidi, Director General of the National Emergency and Management Agency.

Some estimates report around 350 churches burned or destroyed along with homes and shops owned by Christians.

Some sources for the above report include:

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