On April 25, 2008, the FCA Convention in Minneapolis gave special honor to the long and noteworthy ministry of Kenneth Toth and his wife, Lillian. The following tribute was read and distributed at that time:

Kenneth Toth was born in Laurium, Michigan in 1931 to John and Katherine Toth. He grew up in Laurium, and eventually worked in Detroit for a time before serving in the Korean War. Ken returned home to Laurium in 1955. Shortly thereafter, he was led to faith in Christ through an evangelistic outreach of the Laurium Gospel Tabernacle (now
Northwoods Christian Assembly).

Ken was married to his wife, Lillian, in 1956. Together, they raised two daughters, Rebecca and Debrah. Lillian has been an active partner in Ken’s ministry over the years. In 2006, they celebrated 50 years of marriage in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of Northwoods Christian Assembly.

Not long after his conversion, Ken sensed God calling him into full-time Christian ministry. Seeking to fulfill this call, he studied at North Central Bible College in Minneapolis. Ken remained in the Twin Cities until 1964, at which time he traveled east to begin 10 years of pastoral ministry at Strum and Clear Lake, Wisconsin. This was followed by two years of regular evangelistic outreach to various locations in Mexico.

Ken and Lillian received a call to serve their home church, Laurium Gospel Tabernacle, in 1978. Thus began 30 years of faithful service to the Calumet/Laurium area. Ken has long been recognized in the community for his faithful service in local hospitals and nursing homes. He has been active in ministry to alcoholics and drug addicts, as well. For many years he was a sponsor of area-wide Holy Spirit Prayer Conferences. Ken was also the host of “Prayer Time,” a well-known radio call-in program, for 26 years. His ministry to the upper peninsula of Michigan has extended far beyond the walls of his local congregation.

In 1995, having constructed much of the building themselves, the people of Laurium Gospel Tabernacle dedicated a new church facility. With this new structure came a new name: Northwoods Christian Assembly. From this new base of operations, Ken continued to minister to his congregation, and to his community, until the arrival of Rev. Paddy Palomaki in 2006. At that time, Ken stepped into semi-retirement, becoming associate pastor in support of Pastor Palomaki. By all accounts, Ken and Lillian are enjoying the newfound freedoms this stage of life is bringing their way.

Rev. Kenneth Toth has faithfully served God, the Body of Christ, and the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies for more than 40 years. Today, he continues this faithful service as a vital part of the Church’s endeavor to spread the good news of God’s Kingdom. The Fellowship of Christian Assemblies is privileged to recognize Rev. Kenneth Toth as a 2008 FCA Heritage Honoree. May God’s grace, peace, and richest blessings continue to rest upon Kenneth and Lillian.

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