Here’s a note from Pastor Bishnu Regmi, Pastor of one of two Nepali speaking church plants in FCA USA:

I praise the Lord for the wonderful time I had at FCA USA Convention in Chicago last week. It was my first time.

eq8I got a call in the middle of the night on Friday, April 24th, an hour after the strong earthquake hit the country of Nepal. I tried to call my family and friends. Most cell phones were dead and nobody was responding on their home phones.  We found one of my schoolmates on Facebook and asked him to call home, but no response either. I was desperate and could not sleep. After 17 hours, I was able to talk to my mother; she was safe but had no idea about my sister and nephew in Kathmandu. There was nothing I could do except to pray for them. After about 40 hours, we came know that they were safe but sleeping in the open field for two days.  They said there were more than 60 aftershocks. It is still going on. There are many friends and relatives who are not in contact with us even now. Here’s a video interview that tells more of the story.

churchWe felt so sorry to hear that two church buildings collapsed killing over a hundred believers.

According to the news, 5,825 people died over and 10,000 were injured. There are still hundreds of people missing. CNN says, eight million people were affected across Nepal. One million children are urgently in need of help.

eq9The Washington Post says, in a remote village near the epicenter only 4 out of 1200 houses is standing and over 700 people died so far. There were over 50% Christian in the village.

There is chaos now. I was able to talk to couple of pastors in Nepal. There are thousands of people in the open fields and shelters. No power, less access to water and food.  People are in need of some immediate helps like food, water, tent, blankets, medicines, etc.

We, the Nepali Church in Arizona, are raising funds to be sent to Nepal for relief work. I feel a strong desire to also go to Nepal to serve my people in pain & need. Indeed this requires some resources to meet people’s need.

I am writing to ask for your kind help. We are a church plant operating under Two Rivers Church DBA Himalayan Community Mission Church. (Checks can be written to “Himalayan Community Mission Church” marked –“Nepal Earthquake”  and mailed to 1441 W Glendale Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021).

Serving the Lord with you together,
Bishnu Regmi (EMAIL)
Pastor- Himalayan Community Mission Church
1441 W Glendale Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021


Editor’s Note:

The Nepali speaking churches in AZ and in MN are both working with their networks back in Nepal to send help to those in need. You can also give by making checks out to “Himalayan Christian Fellowship” (mail to 1466 Portland Ave, St. Paul, MN 55104) with a note for “Nepal Earthquake.” Those funds will be sent on to a Christian social service agency they are working closely with in Nepal who will return a report to their church on how all of the funds sent are used.  For more information you can contact Pastor Kishor Gurung (EMAIL) of Himalayan Christian Fellowship in St. Paul, MN.

UPDATE from Rich Collingridge:

We thank God for ministers of the Gospel in FCA who are connected with the situation in Nepal.  Along with Pastor Bishnu Regmi, who attended our FCA Chicago Convention, and Pastor Kishor in MN, are Missionaries Mick & Mary Haegeland, from Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, who are situated in Katmandu and the interior, with the YWAM team.  Mick & Mary have been faithful missionaries for many years.  Mary reports that their entire team has been protected during these trying days.  Funds can be channeled to them through Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, 1 Higbie Dr., Smithtown, NY 11787, marked “NEPAL DISASTER.”    Mary’s story is unfolding on her Facebook Page.

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