FCA-U.S. National Coordinator Warren Heckman’s Thursday surgery in Uganda to repair a fractured ankle was successful–but not without serious pain in the hours following. Missionary Ron DeVore, who has been at his side throughout the ordeal, reports that a permanent cast will probably be applied on Monday, Sept. 7 (Labor Day). After that, Warren can be cleared to fly home–and he’s now in agreement with his family to do so.

“We are so sorry this happened,” DeVore has said repeatedly in e-mails to Donna Heckman in Minnesota. “Apparently, he was taking a shortcut on a dirt trail that slopes downward and has a cover of small pebbles. They began a rolling action under his feet, and down he went.”

Prayer needs at the moment are twofold:
1. For relief from the post-surgical pain
2. For homeward travel reservations, as outbound flights are very full.

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