Thirteen months ago a devastating earthquake (7.8 on the Richter scale) rocked the country of Nepal. More than 8,000 people lost their lives and another 21,000 were injured. Entire villages were reduced to rubble and hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes.

Pastor Tej Bahadur Suryabanshi of Elohim Christian Church in Nepal wrote that the earthquake came during a worship service and the church members were protected from physical harm. But when they emerged from the building, they were shocked to see the mud houses in the neighborhood collapsed. “People were crying and shouting,” he said. “It was like a dream.” Eight families in his congregation lost their homes, but with FCA donations the church was able to help three of them rebuild.

In the United States some Nepalese congregations connected to the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies coordinated efforts to send relief to their families and friends back in their stricken homeland. Pastor Bishnu Regmi from the Himalayan Community Mission is Phoenix provided photos and reports to show how the FCA helped churches in Nepal with their own efforts in the recovery process.

“Thank you for your prayer, love, and generous financial donation for the restoration of collapsed homes,” writes Pastor Suryabanshi.

Church Rescue Efforts

Nepalese church members worked to help their neighbors and friends following the devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015.

Church Rescue Efforts (2)

Digging by hand to rescue people or animals trapped beneath the rubble.

Nani Maiya's damage home...

Nani Maiya’s damage home…

Nani's house was replaced using FCA donations.

Nani’s house was replaced using FCA donations.

Sita lived here with husband and son before the quake...

Sita lived here with husband and son before the quake…

Sita and her family were given a new shelter.

Sita and her family were given a new shelter.


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