Here’s a humorous news article on what we could do with new technology!

sleepinCutting edge Cloquet pastor uses GoPro camera while he preaches. In what is likely to become the next viral video, Fred Goldschmidt from Cloquet Gospel Tabernacle is using this unique homiletic approach. Now congregants can go online, search last week’s sermon, and watch themselves as they listen to the sermon. “They’ll see what I see when I preach”, says Pastor Fred. Church attenders can see themselves in rapt attention, or nodding their heads in affirmation, and at times, gently close their eyes in quiet contemplation. A favorite sight is when Pastor Fred tells a particularly humorous personal childhood anecdote, and the audience in unison awakens to the point made clear by the illustration. They can even compare themselves to other listeners to see who is the better “hearer of the word.”

Pastor Fred hopes to take the experience to the next level soon by making the GoPro camera a live streaming broadcast. “Imagine the excitement of using your smart phone in church and watching yourself watching the pastor and being transformed by the washing of God’s Word!”, says Pastor Fred. The church believes this is just the kind of ministry today’s young people need to make “Tabernacle” a cool word again. They are even considering marketing the program under the name “GoPreach Great Commission Camera.”


By Fred Goldschmidt, associate pastor at Cloquet Gospel Tabernacle in Cloquet, Minnesota.

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