Derek Forseth

Derek Forseth, pastor of Philadelphia Church, Seattle is now improving after seven weeks in the ICU.

It was Christmas Day that Derek went to the hospital Emergency Room knowing something was not quite “right.” The doctors admitted him because of heart problems, but he has not been able to return home since that day. Some of what Derek has gone through since then is recounted on his CaringBridge page, which you can view by clicking HERE. You can also leave messages there.

After tests and meetings with top Seattle cardiologists, Derek was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. A single bypass surgery on January 9, 2020 was changed to a triple bypass, but still his heart wasn’t strong enough to pump on its own. As a result, another surgery followed five days later to put in a Left Ventricular Assist Device.

A week, however, Derek contracted an E. coli infection in his chest surrounding his heart and lungs. Repeated surgeries followed to “wash out” the infection from his chest cavity. Once the infection was under control, the doctors wired his chest bone back together on February 3, but more surgeries were required to reconnect muscles and skin. All total, Derek has undergone 13 surgical procedures since Christmas.

“It’s been a time of extremes for our family,” says Krista, noting that they have gone through valleys and shadows as well as looking to the mountains. They have been “hearing updates full of doubt and the unknown,” she says, but also have been “leaning in to our God who brings us peace and hope.”

Yesterday (Friday, February 21), on his 56th birthday, Derek and his wife, Krista, were especially grateful. Derek is alert and communicating (by mouthing words, due to a tracheotomy). He started physical therapy on his birthday, and the nursing staff even took him outside in the beautiful Seattle sun as a birthday present. He loved it!

The family asks for your continued prayers:
• for Derek’s physical therapy to help regain muscle strength;
• for continued healing and of his lungs so the trach can be removed;
• for peace and strength for Krista and their kids;
• for Philadelphia Church during Derek’s absence;
• for the church leadership team.

“This is a time for God to shine in and through us,” says Krista. “We believe in the power of prayer! Thank you for partnering with us.”

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