FCA Ministry Studies Online

Quality. Convenience. The best of both worlds.

Not everyone can get to a college campus. Relocating may not be an option for you if you have family, job, or even ministry commitments where you now live. Perhaps financial obligations limit what you can afford. For these and other reasons, ONLINE studies may be your way to go. Read on about the cooperative arrangement the FCA now has with Ministry Studies Online.

FCA/Ministry Studies Online provides easily available, financially affordable online college-level training to equip leaders for ministry. FCA/MSO is a 30-credit, fully online college-level ministry training program—equivalent to about one year of Bible college—that consists of 10 Courses: 5 foundational courses in Bible and theology plus 5 ministry specific courses in the areas of Youth Studies, KidMin Studies, Pastoral Training, and Global Studies.

Phil Baker, Director of Ministry Studies Online, has served as a minister in FCA churches in Minnesota (Saint Paul and Cloquet) and New York (Smithtown, Long Island). He has assembled an outstanding team of faculty members to train and mentor our students. You will have the opportunity to work with experts in the fields of Biblical and Theological Faithfulness, Ministry Specialization, and Personal and Professional Development. In addition, a specially designed course covering the doctrine and history of the FCA is included to augment standard MSO studies.

As the world of education continues to evolve, students are often forced to decide between the convenience of online courses and the quality of in-class instruction. Our online format offers students the best of both worlds. You will be able to maintain your current commitments to your ministry, church community and family—all while establishing important relationships with peers and faculty who can help you expand your ministry impact.

Because our online format allows you to remain connected to your current ministry setting, students have significant opportunities to integrate their work with their studies. Many of your assignments and research projects can be geared directly toward your own ministry setting. This means that those you serve—your church—will benefit from your studies along with the benefits to your personal education.

We understand the financial sacrifices that are made to be involved in ministry. With that in mind, we intentionally present a cost effective option for our courses. Current tuition rates have been set at $99 per credit hour—a deeply discounted rate. A bonus discount is available to students who apply for training through FCA/MSO, a special benefit to FCA member churches wanting a practical, on-site approach to train unlicensed ministry staff.

Scholarships may be available for those pioneering FCA/MSO in their home country. If you are the first student in your country to apply and be accepted to the program, a full or partial "Pioneer Scholarship" may be available! Email us HERE to inquire about availability. And if you have the means and the desire to donate funds for these types of scholarships, click HERE.

Imagine if you will, a volunteer or paid Youth or KidMin pastor being able to benefit from a training program right from his or her church office, home, or local library. Or consider a Missionary Intern in the early years of serving on the field, being able to pursue biblical, theological, and missiological studies—all while in the missions context! Admission, course materials, and submission of coursework will all take place online, available globally!

We know ministry resources are plentiful, but what about the heart and soul of ministry? Beyond just another information download, FCA/MSO strives to give each student a college level experience in ministry training that’s hard to find anywhere else!

Courses are college-level quality but don’t come with the crippling college-level price tag! With FCA/MSO you will not end up with the kind of debt that often inhibits graduates from traditional programs from pursuing the very ministry they have trained for.

A leader can progress through each course alone or with fellow workers when and where it best fits for them. Virtually any leader will be able to earn a ministry certificate in as little as 12 months, depending on the number of classes taken per semester.

Courses are user-friendly, utilizing the latest in online educational technology, presenting a practical no-nonsense approach to ministry in small and large settings. Students enjoy lecture material, audio-visual presentations, assignments, and self-assessments insuring that they will receive the greatest benefit from their investment. Even more, students can connect online with other students to discuss study topics and enhance their learning experiences.

Courses are offered on a semester basis during each Fall, Spring, and Summer semester from our three curricular emphases: Biblical and Theological Faithfulness, Ministry Specialization, and Personal and Professional Development.

Development of additional elective courses is ongoing. The goal is to provide ministry workers and leaders with the most comprehensive, cutting-edge, and accessible ministry training possible in a format they can personalize to fit their specific ministry context and educational goals.

Want more information? Click HERE to check out classes scheduled for the next semester. Or click HERE for a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you’re ready to apply, click HERE and—to receive your new-student FCA discount—be sure to mention FCA/MSO when asked how you heard about the program.