Dr. Mona and Bob Davies from Community Outreach Ministry in Wildomar, California, have released a new book: Children’s Liberation from Incarceration. The book pulls together insights and lessons the Davies have learned from 17 years of ministry working with families of prisoners.

The mission of the Davies and Community Outreach Ministry targets the families of prisoners. Their hope is to break the cycle of incarceration, so often passed from one generation to the next, through a number of practical but highly impactful activities such as workshops for children and families, scholarships for camping adventures with mentors, educating caregivers, and emergency referrals.

Beyond providing a ministry philosophy with information and methodology, Children’s Liberation from Incarceration tells powerful stories of area youth who benefited from the Davies’ ministry and transitioned successfully into adulthood, successfully breaking the cycle of parental incarceration. As readers meet some of the children who were able to escape the prison track and enter the college or vocational track, the message and ideas within the book are strengthened.

In Children’s Liberation from Incarceration, the Davies have written a call to action, inviting the community, the government, social service agencies, and the church to work together as one to steer at-risk children in a positive direction.


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