Paul Reich, of Living Faith Bible College, led an interactive session on leadership development at the 2012 FCA Canada Convention, prompting discussion on strategies to better equip current leaders for greater ministry effectiveness.

Recognizing that leadership is a lifelong process, members shared ideas on how to better equip leaders not just to sustain, but to grow and expand the Kingdom within FCA and beyond.

Key questions included:

Strategies to Better Equip Emerging Leaders:

1. What is your church currently doing to develop leaders in the areas of grassroots leaders, overseers and supervisors, vocational leadership, regional leadership, national leadership?

2. What strategies do you currently use for identifying new and emerging leaders?

3. What strategies do you currently use for raising up emerging leaders (include relational (mentoring, coaching, etc.), experiential (internships, opportunities for ministry experience) and instructional ( skill training, courses, etc.) strategies?

4. If spiritual leadership is “bringing people onto God’s agenda, what spiritual traits principles, practices, and skills are essential for emerging leaders to develop in order to do that effectively?

5. What Bible knowledge do you believe to essential for emerging vocational leaders?

6. What leadership and management knowledge and skills are essential for vocational Christian leaders?

7. What other knowledge and skills do you believe are essential for vocational Christian leaders? (eg. ministry skills, people skills, etc.)?

8. To be more strategic and effective in reaching our nation and world for Christ, what new knowledge and skills would current and emerging leaders need to develop?

9. What new training strategies for developing leaders should we explore and implement?

10. What types of strategic partnerships within the fellowship would greatly increase our effectiveness for intentionally developing emerging leaders (between churches, church-based discipleship schools, Living Faith Bible College, other organizations, etc.)? What would these partnerships look like?

11. How can Living Faith Bible College better help the local church with leadership development? (Video courses, intensive courses on the LFBC campus, intensive courses in select regions (BC, AB, MB, ON), emerging leader retreats, local church seminars, other)?

12. What additional insights or suggestions do you have that would benefit leadership development in the FCA?

Notes can be downloaded at this link:

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