The 2012 FCA Canada Convention in Winnipeg started off with a bang as Elder Jim Reimer shared the vision for church-planting in Canada.

Delegates started off by breaking into groups and discussing key questions regarding the future church planting in Canada:

1. Do you agree that FCA as a national body of autonomous churches should be engaged in collective, collaborative manner to plant 10 churches in 10 years in Canada? If so, then what are the practical steps we could take to accomplish this?

2. If churches are to be planted, then funding becomes a practical consideration. How should church planting be funded within the context of the culture and polity of FCA?

3. If FCA plants churches and money is raised for church planting, then what form of accountability should take place?

4. Should we select one person to give leadership to a church planting strategy within FCA or should it be a committee of individuals, and if so, how would this be funded?

There were a variety of interesting and thought-provoking ideas brought forth as preparation for the future of church planting in Canada.

Notes can be downloaded at this link:

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