Phil Hansen ArtAs you look forward to this Christmas or New Year you may feel like you don’t have what you need to do something great. Last week we shared some resources that could help with Christmas activities. But even with more media or financial resources, I’m pretty sure we will never come to the place where we feel like the sky is the limit and we can do anything. We can usually think of the many obstacles or limitations in our way pretty quickly. That’s what Moses did when God called him. When God called Moses and sent him to set the people of Israel free there were MANY limitations (talk about not having the budget or people to pull off something so extraordinary!) In fact, Moses started into some of those right away, but God redirected him by asking him a simple question: “What’s in your hand?” What Moses had in his hand was a simple shepherd’s staff and God used that simple staff to show his power and authority working through Moses in the many miracles throughout the rest of his life. God showed Moses that he could work through whatever was in his hands as long as it was surrendered to Him.

I think our human nature is to think of our limitations as things that prevent us from doing everything we could do, but what if we embraced our limitations and let God work through our limitations instead of complaining about them or trying to get rid of them? Maybe God wants to use your shepherd’s staff instead of a fancy gold staff? Maybe what you’ve seen as a “limitation” is actually uniqueness. Maybe it’s actually part of the unique way that God wants to work through you to do more than you could ever imagine…More than you could have done if you didn’t have that “limitation.”

Here’s a great video that tells the story of Phil Hansen, an artist who encountered severe limitations that compelled him to find new ways of doing some incredibly creative art. I hope it encourages you to let God work through your limitations for HIS glory, which ultimately be beyond your limitations!



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