Join the FCA

Increase your impact and influence.

Fellowship of Christian Assemblies (FCA) is committed to equipping and encouraging ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that we may fulfill the Great Commission. Some of the benefits of joining FCA are listed below:

Increase your impact and influence. Your voice will be amplified in collaboration with other anointed FCA ministers and leaders working together to fulfill the Great Commission and impact our world for Christ.

Expand your reach. You'll enjoy frequent networking opportunities to connect and build relationships with an international network of affiliated pastors, missionaries, evangelists and their respective ministries. We emphasize Fellowship of Christian Assemblies because the strength of our relationships with one another sets us apart from denominations or movements that compare or compete with one another. Instead, we choose to celebrate the individual uniqueness of each person and ministry that makes us stronger together. We also believe we can do far more together through strategic partnerships than we can each do

Unity with Diversity. Unity with diversity, as opposed to uniformity, is a strength for FCA. There is room for distinct and unique ministries and ministers who make FCA the unique entity that it is.

Opportunity to Invest Your Gifts and Skills. FCA can be a background noise or the heartbeat of your ministry. It all depends on what you invest and exchange as a member.

Apostolic Leadership Every movement has its forerunners and it is a privilege to have access to their experience and expertise. In FCA, access to these kinds of leaders is possible because we're structured more like a family than an organization.

Get equipped for greater works. You'll have ample opportunity to develop your leadership skills and learn from the experience of seasoned ministers through:

  • Annual national and international FCA conferences for teaching and equipping, refreshing and renewal.
  • Regional events to network and build relationships with ministers and leaders in your area
  • Access to FCA regional campgrounds and retreat centers and participation with other FCA churches in camp programs and ministries.
  • The FCA website, offering ministry tools and resources to help you develop individually and corporately. The website will also feature upcoming events, ministry opportunities and a directory of FCA ministers and churches.
  • The FCA Facebook Page, where you can read and post relevant news and information pertaining to ministry and leadership.
  • A private email list for news, information and prayer requests pertaining to FCA members
  • FCA-affiliated Bible colleges and training centers offering correspondence courses, discipleship and apprentice programs
  • A church-planting teleseminar, held intermittently for custom advice and assistance from FCA church growth specialists in conjunction with a panel of FCA church planters
  • Training opportunities to equip and encourage FCA ministers
  • Mentoring opportunities with seasoned ministers in a variety of areas and expertise

Receive certification of ministry. Government agencies and private institutions increasingly require authentication of your role as a minister to conduct weddings, visit hospitals and/or prisons, or to serve as a military or hospital chaplain. FCA provides members with standardized forms, recognizing three levels of ministry: Christian Worker Certificate, Licensed Minister and Ordained Minister.

Get counsel and assistance to resolve internal issues and/or conflict. The FCA leadership (and/or FCA ministers gifted in reconciliation) stand ready to assist by coming alongside in a pastoral or advisory role to individuals, churches and ministries dealing with crises or complex disputes and difficulties. Rather than taking a top-down approach, we are here to stand beside you during times of crisis and decision-making to help and serve where needed.

Fill staff positions or find new ministry opportunities. Whether you're seeking a qualified minister to join your team or you're seeking a new ministry opportunity, FCA can provide confidential referrals and assist with the transition process as needed.

How Do I Join FCA?