Join with other FCA churches on Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 2018 and make a significant contribution to the Kingdom!

Here’s a great opportunity for your church to partner with others in a special offering to plant new churches in the FCA. Already a number of churches have been launched over the last few years! Church planting, after all, is in the DNA of our Fellowship!

Check out this video to see five of those churches planted recently. We want to continue what’s begun—working together to see God expand and establish his church. We believe God is reviving this passion and calling us to partner together to plant churches across our nation and beyond.

What can you do? Use this video in your church services. Copy the link and share it with the members of your congregation. Show it publicly in the weeks leading up to to Pentecost Sunday. Cast a vision for your church to see what they can accomplish by working together with others! Finally, remind your congregation to come to church on May 20th prepared to give generously.

If that particular Sunday does not work for your church calendar, we understand. In that case, we
encourage you simply to plan for a Sunday that does work for you.

Why is this so important to us? Right now there are church planters in our congregations—spiritual entrepreneurs—who need to be trained, supported, and sent out to fulfill the Great Commission in our nation. The local church is God’s plan to do that! That’s why we have set a goal of $40,000 for this year’s church planting fund. Once you’ve collected your offering, please send it to: FCA Church Planting, 4909 East Buckeye Road, Madison, WI 53716.

Who receives funds for church planting?  Any participating FCA church may request an application for funds. The national FCA board will look over each request and conduct interviews with both the projected church planter and the leaders of the local church.

We will also provide tools for assessing a planters’ qualifications as well as materials and tools that may help achieve success. Our goal is not to be the primary support of each church plant, but to partner with the local church to help in the process. Your success is our success.

How do I find more information about church planting in the FCA? Feel free to request information from any one of the church planting committee (see below). We are members of the national FCA board members and have all participated in church planting. We would love to answer your questions.

Something to pray about. At our last national board meeting, we felt a strong leading to begin the process of a FCA church plant in Denver, Colorado. We would love to see a church planted there.

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