The FCA is committed to work alongside Fellowship churches and individuals who are called to plant churches. Click on this short video from Anthony Simmons (FCA pastor and church planter) for more details!

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The FCA desires to to provide resources and tools to assess and help church planting candidates. This process (outlined below) targets training, support, and the long-term commitment necessary to insure the success of a new church plant.

Just as regional leaders serve churches and ministers of the FCA, regional elders and church planting “assessors” will together advise churches and candidates in navigating the application and assessment process. Their recommendation to the FCA will affirm the Fellowship’s financial support for the church plant.

Steps for Church Planters

1. Self-assessment.

A. Take a formal personal assessment to determine if you are “built” for church planting—possessing the qualities of a church planter.
B. Submit your results to the elder and church planting assessor along with a formal application for FCA support.

2. Assessment interview.

With the approval of your sending church leadership, you (and your spouse, if married) will be interviewed using behavioral interview selection skills (such as Myers Briggs, or an equivalent) to discern the skills, competencies, and spiritual life you will bring to the church planting project.

A. The interview can be conducted by a regional elder and church planting assessor.
B. They can meet with you and your spouse to walk you through the interview.
C. Spiritual gift tests and spiritual life questions can be given at this point.

3. Recommendation process.

A. The elder and church planting accessor will recommend to the sending church leadership and FCA leadership regarding the next steps.
B. Recommendations may include financial support, training, coaching, or additional
steps that may be needed to proceed before being qualified.
C. Qualified applicants proceeding to church planting will be given additional coaching and support from elders and church planting leaders in their region. Included: training in fundraising, team building, spiritual development, church strategy, and FCA support and commitment.

4. Responsibilities for the FCA.

A. Commit to work with the sending church leadership.
B. Assign a mentor to each church planter.
C. Determine financial commitments to the sending church or the church planter.
D. Provide resources for the regional interviewers and elders.
E. Connect with Bible colleges for needed church planting and biblical training.

Additional links to assist church planting candidates and sending churches in walking through the steps above:

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Regional FCA Elders and Church Planting Assessors
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2022 FCA Church Planting Video (asking congregations to give to church planting)
2023 Video: Church Planting Sunday (encourage your church to contribute towards FCA church planting)

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Church Planting video for Pentecost Sunday, May 28, 2023
Encourage your church to support FCA church planting!

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