by Becci Snyder


I want 40 glasses, 40 plates, 40 dessert bowls, 10 tables, tablecloths, and flower arrangements. Oh dear, there are only 4 bouquets ready….give me the flowers, somehow I will make the 6 remaining bouquets. I will sow seed for a harvest I cannot yet see. I will give of my time, my energy, and my finances. For over 30 years on the mission field we have been encouraged by Galatians 6:9 which says; “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

For one year I have been saving this money, my personal money given twice yearly by my dear uncle for personal needs and desires, but this time I choose to lay it all down, to pour it all out in faith for others, not my own children and not my own grandchildren or my desires to beautify or ease my own life but for them. I know them; my sisters. I see their despair and the tiredness they bare so nobly. I will do it now and I know that I will surely reap in due season if I do not faint. I have incredible seed, it is guaranteed to reproduce some 30 or 60 or even a hundredfold. So I sow what I have and I pour it out freely, without reserves because I will doubtless come again bearing sheaves….as I weep. I want to make a difference for THESE ladies. I have been to their mud houses with cracks from ceiling to floor. I have seen them scrub their clothes to sparkling white by hand on their “lavadero” (washboard). I see the single Mom put her children through high school and college selling cakes,pies and flan.

I see the bent over, bone-weary grandmother (she appears to be over 70 but I know she is MY age). She has been caring for a recalcitrant raving, husband who has been stricken with Parkinsons for the past 8 years. These dear ladies, many of whom spend 8 hours a day working outside of their own homes earning only $10 dollars a day washing by hand someone else’s laundry, making someone else’s food and cleaning someone else’s house and then they arrive home to do it all over again for their own family. I want a serene beautiful moment for them, away from the chores and the drudgery and crying children. A moment of peace and encouragement, to feel God’s breath on their cheek, a whisper from God’s heart to theirs, saying: “I see your pain and your striving and I CARE, COME lay your burdens on Me and receive My PEACE.”

Thus began the first bimonthly women’s evening and supper. We played Bible charades and ate a delicious meal but the Word of God became the BEST BANQUET of all. I shared the Precious Word that God gave me for these 30 women. Thankfulness: “In EVERYTHING give thanks for this IS the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you!” I Thessalonians 5:18

Yes, even in THESE conditions God’s Word remains true and is to be obeyed, and obedience yields wonderful fruit.

How about you? We all face circumstances that could steal our joy and choke a thankful, grateful heart that is eager to do good. I want to encourage you to give thanks in everything where you are right now. Don’t grow weary in doing good but instead choose to press on and to give thanks for at the proper time you WILL reap the harvest!

David and Becci Snyder have been ministering as Pastors for over 35 years and have been serving as missionaries in Mexico for the last 32 years planting churches, pastoring, and founding and leading a Bible Institute to train Mexican ministers for national and international ministry.

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  1. Becci – thank you so much for the gentle reminder to be thankful always, no matter what the circumstances! This post is very appreciated, Bless you!!

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