Many of us just returned from our annual convention in Grande Prairie, AB where we were so blessed by the inspiring ministry led by Pastor Glenn & Sharon Breitkreuz. Upon arriving there on May 2nd we were met with our good friends just arriving from Fort McMurray. They had just completed their Mission’s convention. Little did anyone of us expect the news that would arrive the next day. Who would think that the smoke off in the distance would blacken out the blue skies and bring destructive fires?



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Place yourself in the situation that almost 90,000 people found themselves in by the end of Tuesday night. They were separated from their families and not able to contact some of them because of communication towers were being overcome by the fires. Families were fleeing for their lives through the intensive flames that were leaping hundreds of feet into the air and crossing the roads.

“What can we do to help?” became the question that echoed through the hallways of the Stonebridge Hotel where we were staying. These voices combined together in the hours and days to follow. They quickly turned to a united prayer to the Lord to keep their family and friends safe. Protection for their homes and possessions didn’t highlight the moment. You could hear many saying “We can replace our homes and most of the things we own – but our family and friends are the priority.”

Now comes the time to “Arise and Build” as Nehemiah led the effort in his day to rebuild the walls and gates surrounding Jerusalem. The need for the weeks and months to come will centre upon McMurray. What an opportunity for McMurray Gospel Assembly as well as the other churches to meet the overwhelming needs that will face the families as they return! This is where we can continue to help.

Keep praying because we can all realize that it is because of corporate prayer that not a single life was life was lost by the raging fire. Although there was a tragic loss of two young people while driving south on highway 63 to relocate until the fire had been quenched.

The emergency response teams need our prayers to continue to battle the fire that is spreading east. There is also a need to pray for wisdom for an orderly start-up of the oil sand plants. The city also must be declared safe before the residents can return to rebuild their lives.

McMurray Gospel Assembly has their website revised to help mobilize the intensive efforts to reach out with the love of God. Simply go to You will see the variety of ways to donate. Tax receipts will be issued. There is also a Facebook page “Arise and Build Fort McMurray” to keep you updated. We will also send out regular emails to update everyone on how the care to those in need is coming along.

“He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.” Psalm 126:6


Rev. Brad Montsion
FCA Secretary/Treasurer/Elder

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