SamSarahHi there. My name is Sam Snyder and I’m the new Media Manager for the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies. It’s great to meet you! I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself and give you an idea of who it is will be editing, updating, posting, and, sometimes blogging in the background here on

I have a passion for connecting with God and with people; and for connecting people to each other and to God. Here are a few more things about me and why I’m excited to be serving the FCA in this capacity:

1. I love my family! I love being a husband and a Dad. I am married to an amazing gal who, besides being a great wife, is a mom to our 5 kids, a minister, and a great blogger. If you’ve met me you’ve probably heard me talk about my family :-)

2. I love the relationships in the FCA! My parents, David & Becci Snyder, are FCA missionaries to Mexico,  so after finishing High School there, I moved to the United States to go to college with plans of becoming a missionary myself. Having no relationships beyond college classmates here in the states it was because of leaders in the FCA that I was able to get connected when God made it clear He wanted me to stay. I went on to spend almost seven years at Valley Christian Church in Breckenridge, MN, first as an Intern and then as Youth Pastor. During that time I had the opportunity to work closely with FCA youth pastors and churches in our region in joint ministry ventures and I am blessed to count these people as friends.

3. I love the heart for missions in the FCA! When I was in college I majored in Biblical Studies and Missions, so I love to see churches finding ways to continue to engage in God’s mission in the earth. I am so encouraged by the long history our churches have of raising up leaders and sending them to the mission field and I believe that God is going to continue growing us in this way as we engage in His mission!

4.  I love growing leadership! While I was a Youth Pastor I was mentored by several Pastors and I continued schooling from Regent University and Beacon University and I ended up with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Practical Ministry from Beacon University. I am who I am today because there were leaders around me who invested in my growth in leadership. In a similar way, I love to see leaders and churches released to be who God created them to be as they discover their identities and walk in their callings.

5. I love partnering with others for ministry! I have been leading a church plant in Minneapolis, MN since June 2009. I am tremendously blessed by what God has been doing through this family of churches that was started out of Bethel Christian Fellowship in St. Paul as we have partnered together. I love seeing churches work together to advance God’s Kingdom, by the power of the Holy Spirit, through the local church as I am seeing that in the FCA today.


I look forward to connecting with you more in the near future. I will be updating our fcaministers Facebook Page and Twitter regularly with relevant articles to life and ministry. I will also be writing blog posts and editing posts by ministers from around the FCA. I encourage you to join the conversation by bringing your voice, experience, and opinion to anyone of these mediums so that we can continue to connect with each other to grow in who God has called each of us to be-together.

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