1794544_10152532828065829_8138159133674221605_nIt is great followers that make great leaders. “To be great is to serve. To be chief is to be the slave of all,” the words of our Savior.

Anyone who wants authority must first be under authority. These are timeless principles of the Kingdom of God. For any would-be leader, you must first be a follower. To be the greatest leader, you must first be the greatest follower.

Before King David was king he was a shepherd. Lowly, forgotten, and watching someone else’s sheep.

Before he gave orders to his mighty generals he took orders from a crazy king.

Before he wrote the Psalms in the Tabernacle of the Lord he sang them before flocks of sheep.

David was the greatest king because he was the greatest follower. More than twenty times his King, King Saul tried to kill him. Yet in all things David behaved wisely. Mercifully he spared King Saul twice. David’s heart was smitten for even cutting the hem of Saul’s garment.

David was the type of soldier he wanted in his army. He exemplified courage, humility, submission, and a heart after God.

King David is remembered as one of the greatest kings of all time. From his lowly beginnings as a “ruddy” shepherd boy to his triumph over Goliath, David was truly legendary. But what if I said that his success was hardly due to him, that every monumental moment in his life was actually due to someone else? Someone else that David strategically placed in his life. The grandeur of all he accomplished was a team effort. More than how to succeed, David knew who could help him succeed. The Bible records in several passages those who were in his administration. More than 30 names are credited as “David’s Mighty Men.” David was a great leader because he had great followers. And he had great followers because he was once a great follower.

I know that there is a great emphasis on leadership, but I think we should put more thought into “followship.” Every church I have been to needs more faithful hands and feet to put the vision into action. Let us all strive to be those that serve others and help them with their God-given goals. Let us be good followers!


Drew Brattrud is Lead Pastor of Riverside Christian Assembly in Riverside, California. 

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